UK property investors not concerned about Brexit

In a recent survey of property investors in the UK by Market Financial Solutions around two thirds, 64%, of the respondents claimed that they are not concerned with all the uncertainty surrounding Brexit and will pursue their property investment goals regardless. More than 500 UK property investors took place in the survey.

Around 45% of the property investors surveyed stated that they had purchased at least one additional property since June 2016. Only around 7% of the participants stated that they had sold one or more properties because they were concerned about the impact of Brexit.

Sticking with their Plans

Over half of the participants (57%) stated categorically that they would not change their property investment plans whatever happens on the new deadline of 12 April 2019. They were adamant that the way Britain leaves the European Union would not deter them in any way.

According to the survey there could actually be an increase in the real estate market once Brexit actually happens. Nearly one third of the participants (29%) stated that they had either lined up or are in the process of lining up new property deals as soon as Brexit is finalised. There could be further delays with Brexit and this could have an impact on these deals.

Landlords Plan to Enhance their Portfolios

In another survey conducted by Experience Invest, around 39% of buy to let investors and UK landlords stated that they will definitely expand the size of their portfolios in the next year. Only 11% said that they planned to reduce the size of their buy to let portfolios due to Brexit and other issues.

Over 500 buy to let landlords across the UK participated in the survey. The participants had to answer a number of questions about their plans for their buy to let portfolios in 2019 and whether they would change them because of Brexit etc.

There were some landlords who stated that they would neither buy nor sell any properties (35%) and around 15% of the participants stated that they had plans to sell some of their assets so that they could make investments in other properties.

Buy to Let Landlords targeting specific Cities and Regions

The Experience Invest survey also asked the landlords that said they would purchase more properties where in the UK they would make these investments. These were the most popular cities according to the respondents:

London – 35%

Manchester – 33%

Liverpool – 25%

Nottingham – 15%

Bristol – 14%

Leeds – 13%

Newcastle – 12%

Birmingham – 12%

Luton – 11%

Brighton – 8%

Edinburgh – 8%

Glasgow – 8%

Sheffield – 8%

Types of Properties Landlords want to Invest in

Another area of the survey concerned the type of properties that the participants were planning to invest in. The most popular type of properties were houses (67%) with flats coming in second at 54%.

New build properties in the residential market were of interest to 39% and 24% stated that they wanted to invest in student properties. Around 39% of the landlords said that they had an interest in commercial properties and 21% were interested in semi commercial properties.

So we can conclude from all of this that most UK property investors are going to continue with their plans in 2019 regardless of the Brexit uncertainty. If the uncertainty around Brexit is holding you back with your property investment then take inspiration from those that will push forward regardless.