Over the years we have helped many property investors, house builders, and developers find their next land deal, with or without planning. As property developers ourselves, we know how to properly appraise potential land projects, as well as produce the optimum scheme for the specific site.

How we Assist Property Developers and Investors

Property Developers have often said that finding that next piece of land for their next project is usually the most challenging and time consuming aspect of their work. They would much rather be developing a piece of land than looking for a new site.

Finding new land opportunities is vital for developers to keep their businesses running optimally. But developers don’t always have the time to spend searching and appraising deals. Their main priorities are usually ensuring that existing projects are properly managed and running efficiently.

At CDS we have a wide network and can often source plots of land that are off market. These off market land purchases tend to provide the best opportunities for property developers. We are able to provide development sites with planning permission secured or without.

This is how our land acquisition process works:

  • We constantly talk to Land Owners to find future opportunities

Once a site has been found, our expert team will conduct a full assessment of the land for its development potential. We will use our know how to identify the development scheme that is optimal for the land in question.

  • We carry out all negotiations with the Land Owner

After the initial assessment and scheme designs, we will submit an offer for the purchase of the land. All land purchases are normally subject to planning permission, unless they come under Permitted Development. Once the site is secured we generally fund and manage the planning application, but this can be negotiable.

  • Pass on the site to interested Property Developers

Once planning gain has been achieved, or negotiations completed, we will sell on, or assign the land to serious developers who can turn the plan into reality.

  • CDS can Assist with all of your Land Requirements

We have the know how and experience to assist you will all aspects of site finding or development purchases. We can answer any questions that you may have so please contact us so that we can start the ball rolling for you.

Call us today on 0800 488 0027 or email [email protected]