Here at CDS we have many years of experience in land acquisitions, development of land and planning gain. We have assisted many clients over the years and they have all been delighted with the results.

Our experts are on hand to help with any land enquiries and can assist individual land owners and commercial operators, who want to sell or develop their land.

Our chief aims are to:

  • Work with land owners to maximise the value of their land.

  • Assist land owners to sell their land at optimal prices without the hassle.

  • Work with land owners in the planning and development of their land.

We value our relationships with clients very highly and do whatever it takes to build solid partnerships for land sales, acquisition and development. We are always keen to listen to you and have a totally open and honest approach. If we do not agree with an element of your plans we will tell you and explain why.

How we assist Land Owners

There are a lot of land owners who know that their land is valuable but they do not know how to sell it for maximum profit or do not have the time to do so. If you are in this position then don’t let this highly profitable opportunity pass you by.

At CDS we have the experience and know how to assess the value of any piece of land. We will discuss your financial aspirations and then create the very best solution for you.

Our expert land team will appraise the value of your land using tried and tested processes, ones that maximise the value and the profit.

Once the appraisal and research processes are complete it is possible to:

  • Release the optimal value of your land.
  • Remove the need to participate in the costly and time consuming planning process.
  • Sell your land to us or another property developer.

We will be able to tell you quickly if and what the development opportunities are with your land, we can then create the optimal development scheme and take away the hassle of obtaining planning permission.

So why not contact one of our Land Team today, it is completely free and there are absolutely no obligations whatsoever. Call us today on 0800 488 0027 or email [email protected]