sell your property before Brexit

Nobody knows how Brexit will affect the UK property market. Some experts believe that it will all be doom and gloom and house prices will tumble. Others are optimistic that the market will be fine whatever the final outcome.

If you are anxious about the value of your property falling then you may want to sell it before Brexit takes hold. A lot of other home owners are going to have the same idea so you need to be smart and do the right things.

Get a good Estate Agent

Enlisting the services of a good estate agent will improve your chances of selling pre-Brexit. The market is probably going to be pretty turbulent in the next few weeks and having a good agent on your side will be a big help.

Some of the experts believe that stability will return to the UK housing market once Brexit happens. If the government can negotiate a good deal then things should be really good. Confidence has actually increased in certain areas of the UK already. In the North West of England, Wales and Scotland there is a lot of confidence in the housing market.

Most of the negativity about the impact of Brexit on the housing market seems to be originating from London and the South East. No matter where you live a good estate agent will have their finger on the pulse and will be able to advise you on all aspects of selling your home.

Find an Estate Agent with good local knowledge

Selling your home prior to Brexit will be a lot easier if you find an Estate Agent that has a lot of local knowledge in your area and a good track record of selling properties reasonably fast. They will usually have a large list of potential buyers that they can use to present your property to.

Don’t just settle for the first estate agent that you come across. Always remember that you will pay them to sell your home for you. So put potential agents to the test by asking them about their track record with selling properties similar to yours in recent times.

Another thing you can do is to take a look at similar properties in your area that have sold recently and find out who the agents were that sold them. Then you can contact these agents and ask them questions to see if they are right for you or not.

Cheap Estate Agents are not usually a good choice

We all want to save money and estate agents fees are not cheap. But you need to bear in mind that the market is not normal at the moment and you are likely to need an extra push to sell your home prior to Brexit for a good price.

Some online agents offer a flat fee for selling your home as opposed to the traditional percentage that other agents will work by. But will an online agent really go the extra mile to sell your home?

In the current climate we would advise that you talk to a number of traditional estate agents and then compare their prices and what they can offer you. Confidence in their ability to sell your property is worth a lot more than saving a few pounds.