sell your house without an estate agentHave you ever thought about selling your home without an estate agent? OK it is the traditional thing to do to use an agent to promote and sell your property, but times have changed and there is no reason why you shouldn’t sell your house yourself without the help of an estate agent.

You may be daunted by the task but there is no need to be. We have created a step by step guide for you to follow that will help you to succeed. Use the Internet for extra help and you are good to go:

Get your Property Valued

This is essential. Yes you can use websites such as NetHousePrices and Zoopla to see what similar properties are selling for. Or you can be a little devious and ask some local estate agents to provide you with a valuation. If they ask you to list your property with them tell them that you are not sure you want to sell yet.

You can Sell your House on various websites

These days there are a number of websites available where you can list your home to sell it. But you need to do your homework here as they are not all the same. Some are just there for you to list your property whereas others offer you different services to promote your property more aggressively. You will have to pay for these services but the costs are very reasonable.

Get an Energy Performance Certificate

In order to legally sell your home you will need to obtain an Energy Performance Certificate. If you have not owned your home for more than ten years then you may already have a valid certificate. As long as you haven’t made any changes to your energy setup then this will be fine.

Get your House ready for Sale

You need to do this whether you use an estate agent or not. If an area of your home needs minor repairs then get them sorted out. If you need to paint and decorate a room then get it done. If a door squeaks then oil the hinges. Make sure that your home is clean, tidy and presentable.

You will need Photographs

Some property selling websites will send somebody to your home to take a number of pictures of the inside and the outside of your property. Not all of the websites do this so you need to check. If you have to take the photographs yourself then use a high quality camera and take all of the pictures during the day.

Measure all of your Rooms

Prospective buyers like to read the room sizes in the estate agent’s selling document. So you will need to measure all of your rooms and add this information to your online listings. Be as accurate as you can with your measurements and measure two or three times if you have to.

Write a good Profile for your House

Here you will want to tell prospective buyers about the best features of your home. Some websites will assist you with this task. If you get stuck then look at the profiles of some similar houses and borrow ideas.

Don’t forget a Solicitor

It is not difficult to find a good conveyancing solicitor. Ask people in the area for a recommendation or search online.