sell your house faster in winterWinter time is approaching again and if you want to sell your house then you will need all the help that you can get. It is so different from the summer when the sun is shining and your house is in the best light.

During winter houses can look very drab and this can make the sale of your property more of a challenge. House sales at winter time can drag out for weeks and we want to help you with these great ideas to speed things along. These things are all easy to do and will help you to achieve that sale faster.

Ditch all of the Christmas stuff in January

With the Christmas season over you need to get rid of all of the tree and the decorations before you invite potential buyers around to your home. Even if it is early in January you still need to take everything down.

If a potential buyer comes into your home and sees that you still have all of the Christmas stuff up then they will probably think that you are lazy. What other areas of your house are you lazy about? Leaving Christmas decorations up is like saying “I couldn’t be bothered to make the house look the best for you”.

Make sure your Home has a Cozy feel

During the winter months most people spend a lot of time in their homes. Your potential buyers will be thinking this too. So add a few cozy touches to your house to really make it feel warm and welcoming.

If you have laminated floors then add some warm rugs. Use colourful throws on your furniture and do other things to make everything cozy looking. If you have a log effect fire or even a real fireplace then get that going. Tweak up the temperature so that it feels really warm inside.

Get Painting

Give your home a really fresh look by painting the walls. When you do this it will also make your rooms look bigger than they are. Do this early so that there is not a smell of paint when your potential buyers come calling.

Make your Garden look great

OK the winter months are not ideal for gardening and you will need to wear some warm clothes but a nice looking and well kept garden is an excellent selling point. Make sure that your patio and all paths are really clean.

Get some reasonably cheap accessories for your garden as well. You can invest in hanging lanterns, bird feeders and other items. If your lawn needs mowing then attend to that. If you have a lot of weeds then get rid of them.

Get rid of that Clutter

If your house is full of clutter then get rid of it. Some people have a lot of clutter in their entrance hall which looks bad and will give the impression that the space is small. Put stuff in storage if you have to.

Make a good first impression

The first thing that a potential buyer will see is the exterior of your house. This includes the front door. Make sure that the exterior is clean and if your front door is looking a bit drab then invest in a new steel letterbox, a stainless steel number for your house and a new door knob to make the door look more appealing.