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Next Seven Years Will See A Huge Increase In Buy To Let

By |23 May 2018|

If you are an existing buy to let property owner or thinking about investing in a buy to let property then it is not all doom and gloom. OK the rise in stamp duty and the tax reforms are difficult [...]

The Lowdown On Planning Permission

By |16 May 2018|

If you have not applied for planning permission before you may have heard that it is pretty daunting. Well it can be, but the good news is that you can go ahead with a number of projects under what is [...]

FCA Say That It Is Time To Help People Find Cheaper Mortgages

By |9 May 2018|

The City regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority, said that plans should be put in place to make it easier for mortgage applicants to find the best deal on their home loans. This followed the discovery that one in three mortgage [...]

Five Important Laws That All Landlords Must Know About

By |2 May 2018|

Whether you are a new landlord or have been in the buy to let business for some time it is essential that you are aware of the five important laws below so that you do not run into any trouble. [...]

Diversification On The Cards For Buy To Let Investors

By |25 April 2018|

OneSavings Bank recently reported that more than 50% of mortgage brokers were approached by investors in buy to let properties about the diversification of their portfolios. This has happened within the last 6 months. HMO’s the most Popular Choice Of [...]

How To Choose The Best Conveyancing Solicitor

By |18 April 2018|

Let’s face it buying and selling a property can be a stressful experience. One of the areas where it can go really wrong is during the conveyancing period. You need to hire a conveyancing solicitor for the ultimate transfer of [...]

Will The Tories Lose The Next Election Over The Number Of Private Rentals?

By |11 April 2018|

There are so many people under the age of 45 renting private accommodation these days. They do not have their foot on the property ladder which they want to do, and Labour is promising people that their tenant legislation will [...]

Councils Could Soon Be Checking The Condition Of Your Rental Properties

By |5 April 2018|

As if you didn’t have enough to worry about as a landlord, one council in the UK is going to introduce spot checks for rental properties. The aim of this initiative is to tackle the number of private rental properties [...]

A Seven Year Low For London House Prices

By |28 March 2018|

The Hometrack consultancy recently announced that London house price growth is the lowest that it has been for seven years. The prices for houses are down across 42% of London postcodes. The latest Hometrack cities price index reports that this [...]

Remortgages In The United Kingdom Are Higher Than They Have Been For 9 Years

By |21 March 2018|

The number of remortgages in January 2018 was the highest that they have been for nine years. The number of first time buyer home loans was also up but the buy to let market was very quiet. In the first [...]